Friday, 10 September 2010

Book Reviews – Books from Top That Publishing

BG has developed my love for books, she loves to have stories read to her but is also quite happy to sit and flick through a book looking at the pictures by herself. I’m hoping that this love of books lasts throughout her lifetime as it has mine.

Top That Publishing sent BG two books for her to read, the best present a girl can get in my opinion and this is what we thought about them

Baby Bear and the Big Wide World is a lovely story of a young bear that leaves the safety of his mother’s arms to explore the scary outside world. Along the way he makes friends and finds the world is not so scary after all. The illustrations are beautiful and story is sweet, it’s an ideal bed time story. BG liked this book but sometimes it was a bit long for her, she would listen to a few pages and then be off running around and at other times she would sit and listen to the whole story.

This was BG’s and mines favourite book of the two, it’s an ABC book with a twist. I found this book really funny and the pictures are fantastic. Each letter has a funny description and I love they have gone for the norm. J is for Jelly, U is for Unicorn and my must be X.

X marks the spot....where pirates bury their treasure. 
Pirate treasure is made up of chocolate biscuits, sweets and gold. NEVER take a pirate’s treasure as it makes them rather sad.

BG really loved finding out what each things was and I really enjoyed reading it.
Would I buy from Top That Publishing? Yes

They have a great selection of books from pre-school to adult, a site worth visiting.

 NM X 

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