Thursday, 28 October 2010

Finding Presents for Boys

I really struggle to find presents for boys, well men in general to be honest. I find girls really easy to buy for, whether they are young or old I can always find the perfect gift for them, but boys elude me.

I’m in the process of pulling some Christmas gift guides together, so I’d thought I would ask your advice on some gifts I have found on Tesco Direct.

The first is this Boys Bike, what do you think? Is it a good bike? Is it a good buy? In my mind a bike is a good investment, I mean they get exercise and have fun at the same time, right? 

Or how about this Muddy Fox bike? I have to admit I really like the name! It has 50% off at the moment, I do like an offer! I would tell you all the features but I don’t understand them myself!

And for the big boy of the family this Bike Carrier so you can all go cycling together.

Are Bikes the way to go? Or am I way off?


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  1. We feel the same and make it our quest to find great gifts for boys - men are even harder!


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