Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Halloween On A Budget

Halloween seems to get more and more popular in the UK every year and when something becomes popular it can start to get expensive.

Here are my tips on how to have Halloween on a budget:-

Don’t buy expensive costumes have some fun with face paints instead. You can have any scary design that you want then. Facepaintdesigns.co.uk has some step by step guides and videos on how to create your spooky design. The best deal I’ve found on face paints is Wilkinson’s Face Painting Kit for £2.50!! 

Make your own Halloween mask. You make one using a paper plate or cut out the shape from a cereal box, decorate anyway you like and secure with some string or elastic. Alternatively print off some readymade masks and colour them in, I found some great ones on Womansday.com.

Making Halloween crafts are a great way to while away the afternoon.  Make some spooky paper chains to decorate the house or collect some conkers and make conker monsters. 

Get younger children to colour in Halloween pictures, you can find free colouring sheets online. I find these for you (I know I’m too good to you), Colouring.ws, coloringpages.net , raisingourkids.com and freecoloringpages.com .

Get cooking, make some Halloween inspired food together and have a little tea party. Why not try Cherished By Me’s Butternut Squash Muffins, or these recipes on using up your Halloween Pumpkin on Savings Advice  or these amazing recipes on Je Cook or even these Spooky Spider Cakes

If you want something really low key, they my favourite thing to do is snuggle on the sofa, with popcorn and a hot chocolate and watch a spooky family move.  I’ve found some on Amazon super cheap. Casper the Friendly Ghost is £2.99, Witches is also £2.99 and my personal favourite Hocus Pocus is £3.43 and they all have free P&P.

If you have any other tips or posts to share please do. I’ve got a linky below for you to add your posts.  



  1. Aww thanks for the mention....I have some more Halloween cakes coming up, just haven't posted them yet. I'll link when I do. :)

  2. Love these tips! What great ideas! I know many people don't rate Lidl (personally I love 'em) but they are currently doing a pack of window paint pens - about 10 different colours - specially for Halloween for 99p! Love them or hate them, you surely can't go wrong with that kind of family fun value, can you??!

  3. Nova - Ooh lovely!

    Lizzyo22 - Thank you. Great tip, I love Aldi and Lidl great bargains!

  4. I posted this last year at mum rock: Halloween on the cheap


    Hope it gives everyone so halloween party ideas...yours are fab Craol


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