Thursday, 21 October 2010

Toyologist Review 3 – Leapfrog Leaptop, Mega Bloks Dora’s Maxi Flower Bag and Tomy Aquadoodle Desk.

These boxes of toys are coming thick and fast, BG is getting far to use to receiving new toys!
This is what we had in box 3...

I’ve been looking at these for BG’s birthday so was happy when it came in our box. It has been tested and reboxed up for next month!! BG loves this Leaptop; she gets to play on the computer like mummy now. It comes with 6 learning activities, 8 email messages. You can personalise it and download songs to it by connecting it to your computer. BG likes to carry it a round with her as it has a little handle on it. I think it’s a great toy, it has kept BG occupied and I’m sure as she gets older she will be able to do more and more on it. It’s a fab pretend computer and it’s not too annoying.

Would I buy it? Yes

This is 40 piece set which includes a Dora, flower accessories and stickers to put on the bloks. It has come in a zip up bag, which is great for tidying them away.  This is nice little set of Mega Bloks. BG is obsessed with the Dora figurine, she keeps kissing it. BG already has a bag of Mega Bloks so this makes a nice addition to them.  I like Mega Bloks I find them easy for younger children to use and easy to clear up as they are so big. The only negative would be the price, it is a small bag and I think £19.99 is a bit steep. Makes a great starter bag or addition to your Mega Blok collection

Would I buy it? If it was a little cheaper

We are Aquadoodle fans in this house, BG loves to draw and I like that fact that there is no mess!! The desk is made from foam and is superlight and took 3 minutes to put together. Even though its foam it’s pretty strong (BG has climb on it a number of times).  It comes with a double sided mat which is great as you can draw on one side and flip it over and start again, its dries pretty quickly. The pen is decent size so you don’t have to keep filling it up. You can remove the top and use it to draw while it’s on their lap. This is a big hit in this house, its keeps BG occupies, makes no mess and can be dismantled and put away in a few minutes. I do get a bit nervous about toys that cost more than £20 but I have to say it’s worth any penny!

Would I buy it? Yes

Still to come from is box number 4, what happened at our toy party and how my toddler group liked their new toys!

NM x 

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  1. Great review! We loved the Leaptop and Aquadoodle Desk too - really great toys :-)


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