Thursday, 28 October 2010

Win A Years Salary With PayPal

What would you do with £40,000? What would you spend it on?

There are so many things I could buy with Win £40,000.  It could help us with a new house, or a big holiday, or I could take driving lessons and buy a new car or save it or go on a huge spending spree!

Can you imagine being able to spend what you wanted where you wanted, I would probably go a little crazy to start with and then spend it all on BG! Actually I wouldn’t I get nervous about money and would want to save it and spend it sensibly. If I was to win £40,000 we would defiantly have a good Christmas this year!  

PayPal have launched a brilliant prize draw promotion that gives everyone who enters the chance to win a year’s salary of £40,000. Find it at

It’s that easy to enter, the dream could become real.  All anyone has to do is buy something with PayPal, and they are automatically entered into the weekly prize draw.  And the more you buy the more chances you get, because you get entered every single time you buy with PayPal.  Think about it, buying a dongle could change your life. .Find out more

Here are 5 things you could buy using PayPal that would give you the chance to win £40,000

Hello Kitty Leopard Print Tote £8 from

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Babies £4.99 from Toys R Us

Cheeky Monkey Ariel Topper £2.99 from Halfords

Woman’s Hoodie £45 from Nike

Inspirion Mini 10 Laptop £279 from Dell (on my wish list)

It doesn’t matter what you spend with PayPal small or large you will be entered! And remember its a weekly draw, so lots of chances to win.

Enter now for your chance to win


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  1. the chances of winning this are probably less than winning the lottery seeings as an entry is created everytime something is purchased with paypal??

  2. the odds might not be great but someone has still got to win and if its me i wont be complaining. spend spend spend. fingers crossed!

  3. If you are already using paypal then its an added bonus isn't it?


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