Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Interactive Cold and Flu Tracker

The cold and flu season is upon us, BG has already had two colds this autumn. There is nothing worse than a house full of cold, especially if it’s your child and other half that’s ill; I’m not sure who is worse to look after! And of course when you get it you have to look after yourself.

Although it’s impossible to totally eradicate colds and flu, this handy tracker from Lemsip does give you an early warning when colds are on the way to your area helping to make sure you are prepared. The cold and flu tracker can be viewed here: 

What I really like about this tracker is that it adds real time incidents of illness around the UK. You can see how ill you area is by scrolling over of the map.

The tracker is on Facebook, so if you ill and add it to the tracker your friends can see that you are ill and hopefully give you some sympathy and comfort.

For more information on the Lemsip Cold and Flu Tracker and details on Lemsip products to help you get through cold and flu season, visit www.facebook.com/Lemsip.  

Lemsip products are medicines. Always read the leaflet.


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