Thursday, 25 November 2010

Review - Ecover's New Laundry Range

The New Mummy household have reviewed Ecover products on two occasions in the past, so it wasn’t surprising when they asked us to review their new laundry range.

Here is what we tested:-

This smells really nice and leaves your clothes smelling divine and super soft. I normally only use baby softener on BG’s clothes but I love that Ecover is made from plant – based and mineral ingredients that its suitable for BG’s sensitive skin.  We got a decent amount of washes from it as you don’t need much; a little goes a long way.
Would I Buy It? Yes

Ecover Non-Bio Powder RRP £3.39

This washed our clothes really well.  It performed well at low temperature and removed most of BG’s mess. As part of the product development for the new laundry range, Ecover’s Non-Bio and Bio Powders have a new concentrated formula. This means less powder per box, a smaller box size (now 750g), and less packaging. With less powder for the same amount of washes, the cost per load is reduced 25%.  It worked well but I found that it didn’t all dissolve in the draw.

Would I Buy It? No, I prefer the liquid laundry detergent.

I really like this laundry liquid, it washes really well. Its smells really nice, it has a hint of lavender. It worked well at a low temperature and lifted nearly all of our stains out (BG makes a lot of mess). It didn’t cause any irritation to any of our skin, we are all sensitive.

Would I Buy It? Yes.

The Ecover range is available in most supermarkets.


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