Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Review –SodaStream

When I was younger I really, really wanted a SodaStream. I would beg my parents for one but they just said no. I was devastated I felt I was the only child without one. When I got my own place I went to buy one only to find that they were no longer available, I was devastated a second time.  So when an opportunity arose for me to get my hands on review a new SodaStream how could I say no?

For those of you that don’t know what a SodaStream is let me enlighten you. A SodaStream is a fizzy drinks maker for the home. You fizz up tap water using the SodaStream this makes soda water and then you add syrup to give it flavour. There is a good range of drinks to choose from including the classics like cola and lemonade to energy drinks and my personal favourite Cranberry and Raspberry. You can also get sugar free syrups.

I was sent a Stream Drinks Maker in grey which currently £49.99. It comes with two bottles to make the drinks in and a 60l gas cylinder. They also sent a selection pack £9.99 of syrups to see what ones we like best.

Me and OH have been like big kids making fizzy drinks using the SodaStream. The water only needs a few blasts of gas to make it super fizzy. It’s was really easy to put together and really easy to use.

The bottles come with lids so you can make your drink, pour out what you want and store in the fridge for later. The bottles hold a litre of drink. The wash up well, but they can't be put in the dishwasher.

We’ve tried most of the syrups so far, favourites are lemonade, orange and cranberry and raspberry. We weren’t too keen on the Lemon and Lime and the Apple flavours.
I have to say I *love* my SodaStream, my favourite drink ever is lime and soda water and I’m always running out of soda water so this is great for me.  OH is diabetic so the sugar free syrups are great for him.
We haven’t run out of gas yet, once the gas cylinders have run out you can exchange them for filled ones, you’ll find full details on that here

I think the syrups are reasonable too, prices start at £2.99 and that makes you 12 litres of drink!

Would I Buy One? Oh yes, If they hadn’t sent me one it was going on my Christmas list!  


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