Monday, 8 November 2010

Toot Toot

Now please forgive me but I'm about to do some bragging, if you don't like it please stop reading now.

I started New Mummy's Tips in August 2009, I had been writing New Mummy for a while and had started doing reviews which some people didn't like so I decided to start a new blog with reviews, money saving tips and offers.

New Mummy had become a relatively popular blog, though that wasn't the aim when I started blogging actually there wasn't an aim at all. I thought as my first blog was doing well that New Mummy's Tips would be the same, boy was I wrong.

I've had to work really, really hard to make this blog successful and generate an income from it. I never thought I would this into my job but I have and I'm officially self employed. I write all the posts myself apart from the odd guest post and review, I don't have a team behind me.

I have started to branch out and write for other blogs and sites on a freelance basis and its really satisfying.

I know that league tables do not not make you a good blogger or mean that you are the best but what the do do is show that people are visiting and engaging in your blog and that's why I'm really proud that New Mummy's Tips has been in the Tots 100 for the past 3 months and is in the Wikio Top 100 Parenting blogs.

Please allow me to indulge myself and toot my horn just a little bit!

In the Tots 100 New Mummy's Tips is  no 92 and in the Wikio Top 100 Parent Blogs no 38

Toot toot



  1. Good for you! Blogging can be whatever you want it to be, so long as you enjoy it.

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of bragging! I think both your blogs are great & your placings are very much deserved. Congratulations!


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