Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Toyologist Review 4 – Animagic Newborn Hoppers, Girls Only Kim Doll, Pepper Pig Tumble and Spin Game.

It’s that time again, are you ready for more toy review?

Here is what we’ve been testing..

Animagic Newborn Hoppers Bramble, Suitable from 3 years, £16.97

Bramble the rabbit is very cute. It’s like having a pet without all the mess! Bramble needs feeding and watering and comes with her own bottle and carrot. When you feed her she makes a crunching or drink sound. She also makes other rabbit sounds and when you stroke her she hops. BG has a love/scared relationship with Bramble. She loves feeding her and making her hop but when she hops she gets a bit scared and runs away but then goes back and makes her do it again.  A lovely toy for a child who wants a pet. You can get a guinea pig, puppy, kitten and even twin puppies!

Would I buy it? Yes, BG is fascinated by Brambles

Girls Only Kim Doll, Suitable from 3 years old, £29.99

This doll scares the life out of me; she is rather large and looks quite realistic. BG however loved her and the little dog that comes with it.  She really liked pushing her around in her buggy (BG’s own it doesn’t come with the doll) and the little dog goes to bed with her. You can remove her shoes and clothes and redress her which BG also likes. I have to admit that I sent the doll off with her BG when she went to her nanas, however it freaked her out and it stayed in the car. It’s a great doll apart from being scary but it is being donated to our toddler group!
Would I buy it? No because it scares me.

Pepper Pig Tumble and Spin Game, Suitable from 3 years, £9.99

This is a really nice memory game, ideal for a Pepper Pig fan. You choose a character you want to be, then spin Pepper Pig who sings and talks, if she lands on you, you pick a card. If it matches your character you keep it, if not you put it back and the other players have to remember where their cards are. BG is a bit too young for this game but thought spinning Pepper was fantastic, we will be putting this away until she’s a bit older.

Would I buy it? Yes, it’s a really good game.

That’s box 4 done! Box 5 coming soon 

NM X  

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