Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Homemade Christmas – Gift Tags

Last year I made my own wrapping paper. It looked lovely but was really time consuming. This year I have decided to make my own gift tags so I give that personal touch but not spend the whole of December doing them.

There are different ways you can make your gift tags, some people reuse Christmas cards from the year before. My Nan use to do that and use a pair of crinkle scissors to cut them out.

You could cut out pieces of card and get the children to decorate them. BG is a bit too young yet to do this, she hasn’t got the patience, but we will be doing homemade gifts together.
This is how I am making my gift tags this year.

I downloaded 6 images from which is free photo down load site. You could also use Here are two of them.

I then uploaded them to Picnik, which is a site that allows you to edit your pictures, You can resize, add effects, crop, add sticker and text plus a lot more.  I added a message to them and then saved to my computer.

You then insert into a word document. This is when you can check if they are the right size. You can go back and adjust the size on Picnik. Try and fit as many on the page as possible.

Then print onto card, cut out and add to your presents.

Punch a hole in them and thread through some ribbon or cotton to attach to your gifts.
I haven’t printed mine out yet, but I made a homemade advent calendar for BG in a similar way and they printed off nicely.

You can use any image that you want, maybe a landscape you have taken or family photo.

Make personalised Christmas cards in the same way.

Have fun making them.


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  1. Thanks for linking this,so well explained! I shall set the big boys onto doing this when they get home, should keep them quiet for a while!


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