Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Review - Womama Black Bamboo Nursing Bra from Bras4mums

I really struggle to find bra’s that fit me. I don’t have a big cup size but a have a large back so I find it hard to find nice bras for a 42B.

I was sent a Womama Black Bamboo Nursing Bra £30 from Bras4mums to test and review. They were a new range so they wanted feedback as well as I review on my blog.
I don't look like that!

The first thing I noticed was it was really soft and even though it was black it looked really nice. It has some lovely detail on it. I was sent the wrong size to start with a 40C and it just didn’t fit right around the back.

I was going to the Baby Show in London so I meet one of their experts there and had a fitting. She introduced me to a bra extender which is a wonderful little thing.  I tried on the size I normally wear and it didn’t fit right. So she made me try the other back on but with the extender on, extending the back of the bra slightly and it fit perfectly. My eyes have been opened!

It’s really comfortable to wear and even though it’s a nursing bra you didn’t realise it was, the clips didn’t show through your clothes. It washes up well and keeps it shape. 

I felt supported but not frumpy. 

Bras4mums have a selection of nursing, maternity underwear as well as clothing and accessories. They also offer a personalised fitting service.

Would I Buy It? Yes and I will be recommending this site to my pregnant friends.


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