Thursday, 9 December 2010

Review – Hexbug Nano

By Ella 

My first product review for New Mummy's blog is for Hexbug Nano.

My boys (Louie 4 and Milo 2) were very excited to receive a parcel with 4 hexbug nano's as they are very unique and they have never played with anything similar. I quickly popped them out of their test tube packaging (also a hit) and switched them on. They are very simple in design but amazing to watch, they work by vibrating to propel forwards and they move extremely fast. They scuttled around the room never getting stuck, if they encounter an obstacle they quickly switch direction and find a new route. If they get knocked over they flip themselves back onto their feet. 

My eldest Louie absolutely loves this toy. He spent hours just watching them scuttles around our play table. Next we set up races, obstacle courses, and tunnels for the creatures to navigate. Its great they come in different colours as each child took ownership of their chosen coloured nanobot (we got red, purple, green and black).  We have been playing with them for 4 days now and despite my youngest being out of the recommended age range (4 upwards) they have been very durable and show no signs of breakage, despite being dropped and hitting the ground scuttling!

The only downside in my opinion to this toy is the price for £8.99 per bug this seems a little steep. However you can buy a pack of 5 for £26.99 which makes the price a bit more reasonable and to be honest I think this toy is much more fun with lots of little hexbugs scuttling around.

Would I buy it?  Yes defiantly totally unique and ideal for my little boy. 

You can find Ella on twitter as @purpleella

You can find Hexbug Nano’s on the Hexbug Site

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