Friday, 10 December 2010

Review - Jabra Cruiser2 InCar Speakerphone

By Julie 
I was lucky enough to be asked to review the New Jabra Cruiser2 InCar Speakerphone by the lovely Carol over. At first when I was told it’s an In Car Speaker phone I thought,' blimey', mainly as I am the most techno phobic Mummy around.

However, the Jabra Cruiser2 arrived, I removed it from the packaging and it didn't look too scary. It's basically a little speaker that attaches to the visor in your car so you can answer your mobile phone whilst driving. It also has an FM transmitter and an A2DP which means you can transmit your music from you phone and calls through your car stereo. It’s a tiny little black box of genius.

At first when using the Jabra Crusier2 I was sceptical about the sound quality as in the past I have used blue tooth earpieces and wasn't impressed with the quality. The Jabra however is superior quality of sound. It's easy to install on your sun visor. It just slides on with a simple clip and is an easy touch button to answer calls and increase and decrease sound. It also can be used with two different devices which means more than one person in the family can use it, or if you have a business and personal mobile you can use it with both without having to reset it at all. It was extremely easy to pair with a mobile phone and took seconds. It has a voice that guides you thought every step of setup. I simply had to switch on my blue tooth and pair it and it adds all you music and phone numbers to its database. When someone is phoning you the very clear voice tells you who it is and its one touch to answer the call, then your caller is easily heard and can easily hear you too.

My Dad who is an on the road businessman used it for a few days as well and was so impressed. He called me a few times on it and was so clear I was amazed. The only one thing we could find between us that may be a downside to it is that while you are driving and may need to use your sun visor you would need to remove the device and reattach on the reverse side of the visor which may be distracting whilst driving. Although I did suggest that probably best to have your visor down at the start of most journeys and have the Jabra Cruiser2 set on before you set off regardless of whether it’s sunny or not. I always wear sunglasses when driving in the sun so wouldn't be as much as a problem for me.

The Jabra Cruiser2 has 14 hour talk time on the battery life so means it is unlikely to run out of battery on you, but if it does the USB cable has a cigarette lighter adaptor on it for easy in car charging. My Dad also used it in his office at home as it was a lot easier than answering his phone. He just sat it on his desk near his seat. He's a complete convert away from his blue tooth headset.

I looked online at the varying prices of the Jabra Cruiser2 and found it retails for between £67 and £99. I have to say for any businessman or anyone who travels and uses their phone a lot it's very much an essential device. I would highly recommend the Jabra Cruiser2 in Car Speakerphone and believe it to be well worth the money. Mine is now a permanent feature and I will be recommending it to anyone who currently uses a headset.

Julie is a mum to a 13 year old girl and 2 year old boy. Julie blogs at Me Him and Them.

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