Thursday, 2 December 2010

Review – Keepcup

I love my coffee and when I get the chance I love nothing more than treating myself to a takeaway coffee. Costa’s vanilla latte is my favourite!! Thankfully I don’t have one close by or I would spend a fortune on them. I have a nice little collection of travel cups which I used when I used to walk to work, great in the winter. They also come in really handy when BG was newborn, they help keep you drink warm longer.

I was sent a Keepcup to review; it’s the first barista standard reusable coffee cup. They are BPA free and non toxic and they promise to keep your coffee warm for 20 -30 mins.

The lid clips on nicely and there is a plug that turns 360o to stop it spilling out.  They currently come in three sizes and prices start from £7.40. You can personalise the colours you want.

I really want to love this cup it’s a great idea, will save money and help the environment. The main issue is once you put the hot coffee in the cup it’s too hot to hold. It doesn't have a handle and I just found it too hot to hold so I couldn’t use it.

Would I Buy It? No


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