Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Toyologist Box 7 – Silent Auction.

We have received our 7th box from Toys R Us. We were told as it was coming to end of this year’s campaign that the toys may not be age suitable for us but we could either opt out or pass on to friends etc .

All of our items were unsuitable for BG but that’s fine, it was two days before her birthday and she got plenty. It also gave me a chance to give more toys away.

I have donated the games to my local toddler which we go to and they are running a silent auction and the money is going to be used to buy some new toys for the group. It needs a new play kitchen and some baby toys.

This is what is being auctioned off...

 Children will have great fun experimenting at home with this Blast Lab Messy Mess set. Lots of messy, gloopy experiments to try using items found in most homes. Make slime, mouldy soup and stink bombs!

A truly revolting science kit! Grow your own germs, mix up coagulating fake blood, make super gross snow and a smelly intestine! Discover what actually grows on your body and learn the science behind unmentionable bodily functions while doing some disgusting experiments.

 Jolly the Octopus is sitting on a rock, sheltering lots of colourful little crabs. Players take turn using the tongs provided to remove the colourful crabs from their hiding places but watch out for those waving tentacles! If he catches you then he will stop spinning and start giggling.
The first player to collect all 5 of their colour-coded crabs will win the game. Jolly Octopus has 2 different play settings, so as you become more expert with the tongs you can make the game more difficult.

 Get creative with this fun mosaics by numbers craft set that includes over 3,000 sticky foam pieces, 4 sparkling designs and 4 wall hangers for displaying your masterpieces! Create colourful dinosaur pictures or create your own designs!

 Can you manoeuvre your way through the gridlock to escape the traffic jam? Ravensburger Rush Hour game features 40 different challenges that take you from the beginner levels through to expert!

Children will love this simple Bingo-style game! Zingo is great for all the family where players have to fill their Zingo cards with matching tiles from the Zingo Zinger card dispenser. The first player to fill their card wins!

I will let you know how much we raise!!



  1. Its being auctioned off at the toddler group not on here


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