Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Peppa Pig World

Yes you read correctly Peppa Pig World!! I couldn’t believe it when I found it while searching for gifts for BG. It hasn’t opened yet, it opens next year on 9th April and I really want to go.

It will be part of Paultons Park and there is going to be 7 Peppa Pig rides, plus a Muddy Puddles water play area and Daddy Pigs Big Tummy Cafe!!!

I have and you can enter the Golden Ticket competition to win tickets for a special visit before kit opens to the public. It’s on the front page Peppa Pig’s World site.

You can purchase tickets now to go to Peppa Pigs World, they are also running a Christmas Special if you buy the tickets now you get a free Peppa Pig soft toy.

Tickets cost £18 each, children under 1 metre are free. Entry into Paultons Park is included.
How much would your child love you if you told them you got them tickets for Peppa Pig world for Christmas?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed I win the Golden Ticket. 


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  1. It's not far from us and I can't wait to take Little Miss A. Thanks for the heads up on the golden ticket though x


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