Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Do You Want to Become a Mumpreneur?

Have you ever thought about being self employed, working from home or earning a little bit extra money? Well you can!!

On Monday 17th January Become a Mumpreneur will be launching a Membership Site.
The membership site will be made up of e-lessons sent to your inbox and a private members area that will host multi-media study materials along with a live chat area and a forum.

The course will be split into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, but you pay the same monthly fee throughout. That one fee covers all your materials and access to the member’s area.

The course is too lengthy to break down completely here, but here’s roughly how it breaks down;

Beginner – e-Lessons are one every three days and focus on you taking those first steps to earning your own income. We focus on mindset, taking action and dealing with failure. Within the first few weeks you should be earning enough to cover your BaM! subscription. By the end of this section you should be earning a steady but small part-time income.

Intermediate – We focus on taking your seed idea and growing it into something more established. e-Lessons cover everything you need to know about running a small business and creating a business plan. Monthly expert webinars will focus on specialised areas. By the end of this section your income should have completely replaced your ‘work’ income.

Advanced – The e-lessons look at finding more customers, creating the work/life balance you dream of, expanding and selling your business. Webinar experts will be people that have been there and done it. You’ll only reach this level of success if you work extremely hard at your idea, however if you achieve it then your earnings are uncapped and may even include a lump sum on selling your business.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme the planned course content runs for well over a year.
I may be a little biased as I am part of the Become a Mumpreneur but having seen what is on offer it’s a great opportunity.  

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Want to make a change this year? Take the first step and sign up.  

If you do sign up for the Become a Mumpreneur Membership Site tell them I sent you!!



  1. I've signed up for the free sample to have a look but nothing's come through yet?


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