Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thank You Appliances Online or Why You Should Comment on Posts

Late last year Rosie Scribble was given a new TV by Appliances Online. She hinted if we left a comment we may get a present. I left a comment cheekily saying I needed a new washing machine, in hindsight I should of asked for a cooker as mine died Christmas Eve.

A very nice man from contacted and offered to send me a little present for leaving a comment, I asked for a cupcake maker. I apparently choose the gift of the year because every online shop and every type of maker had sold out.

This very mice man after trying hard to get me one went out shopping purchased me one and posted it. It arrived just in time to make cupcakes for Christmas!!

This is the one I have.

I’ve had a little search and it is now available on Amazon for £19.99. It works really well and they are just the right size.

Thank you very much Appliances Online.

This is why you should always leave comments!



  1. I am quite intrigued by these cupcake makers...I worry it would be too tempting to keep knocking up batches of cakes everyday. Although on second thoughts that does actually sound quite wondeful and not a worry at all! I love kitchen gadgets...I used to love my breadmaker (until it died from overuse!) Enjoy your cakes :)

  2. Wow- lucky you! A cupcake maker would see a lot of use in our house, since my oven tends to blacken cakes on one side and leave them raw on the other. You'll have to put some pictures up of your creations!

  3. I just love cupcakes. They truly brighten up dark winter days. I'm definitely getting one at some point, but I rather save money for the stuff we really need when the baby is here: Definitely have to have a condenser, otherwise I'll have to start drying baby clothes with a hair dryer lol

  4. What did happen for your Christmas dinner? I never hung around on Twitter to find out.I need an cooker too but resorted to another slow cooker at Christmas instead.But I know I wouldn't get offered that.A vegetable steamer would be fab though.

  5. I'm not after anything as I already received a slow cooker but would really love for Appliances Online to sort something out for Alison!!! I can't think of a more deserving person! Take a moment to read her blog and I'm sure you'll agree.

  6. I would never think of buying a cupcake maker. I didn't even know such a think existed. It looks very cool and I hope you to try some of those cupcakes one day x

  7. Wow! Thats very cool! And very cute! :)

  8. Thats so cute and girlie. Hope BG's enjoying helping make them. Thats a shame about your cooker at Christmas. So typical. My dishwashers stuffed and sending me nuts. No use when things start to go wrong. Have a squizz at the january sales for new cooker although I'm sure you've it sorted already.Hope you've a stylish new one already. Much love and Happy New year to your blog hon.xx

  9. wow what a lovely pressy to get - not good to cook a turkey in for christmas dinner though! LOL!


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