Friday, 28 January 2011

Freebie Friday - Baby Clues Game

I haven't actually got a game to giveaway but I have got a great game for parents to try.

Its called Baby Clues and is on

The game is describe as-

free online baby quiz that offers a fun and entertaining way to learn how your baby communicates with you through their own baby language and baby talk.

Meet Baby Evie - the cute and adorable host of this game, which has been developed to offer tips for parents who have a new born baby, as well as for parents-to-be who wish to ensure baby bonding right from birth. In this interactive Baby Quiz, Baby Evie teaches parents how they can identify different baby needs by understanding the baby language and talk that babies use to communicate.
Evie's no more than three months old but she can teach you a trick or two.
I think its a great little game.

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