Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Parent Panel Review - Milk&More

Milk first started being delivered to our doors over 150 years ago with milkmen delivering 3 times a day everyday, now we may only get a delivery 3 times a week but the range of products has certainly increased.

Milk&More is an online service delivered by your local milkman 3-6 times a week, which you can manage online and change or add to your order up to 9pm the night before your delivery. They can now deliver everything from milk, bread, eggs and vegetables to pet food, household cleaners, coffee and compost to name just a few!

The sign up process is simple and you can set up one off or regular deliveries with a few clicks and you can choose any of the products to be delivered on anyone of your delivery days.

We have had a range of products delivered in the past few weeks and have been generally impressed by the level of accuracy and service. Aside from the milk, which still comes in glass bottles as well as the more common plastic containers, soup, bread, vegetables and even the odd gift have graced our doorstep.

The prices overall as you would expect for a doorstep delivery are generally more expensive than the average supermarket, a pint of milk being around 75p delivered rather than 45p in the supermarket. I did find though, that if you shopped on the deals that the costs were around the same or slightly cheaper than the supermarkets.

Our main complaint was items being out of stock, as you wouldn’t know if items wouldn’t be delivered until they didn’t arrive, and even then if you would be getting them.  The only other complaint we had was when we tried the vegetable box, we found that some of the produce didn’t keep that well

I, as yet have failed to meet Ian, my milkman, who I think passes by before 5am every other morning but I’m sure he is a nice man and hope to continue using his services in the future! 

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