Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Parent Panel Review - Meccano Girls Tool Box

Product: Meccano Girls Tool Box

Price: £20-£25

Available from: Amazon, Argos

DescriptionA pink construction tool box to build girly vehicles.  Glittery storage case.  Fun stickers included.60+ flexible coloured plastic Parts.  10 detailed models plus all the ones you can imagine!  Contains detailed building instructions for 10 models.

Suitable from: Aged 5-8

Initial Reaction: Bright and girly, loads of parts and looked complicated to do .

  • Can make cute models, 
  • Comes with everything you need,
  • Great for motor skills, 
  • Different than other stuff for girls on the market.

  • Too fiddly, 
  • Models don’t stay together
  • Instructions can be hard to follow

Value for money? I think so
Overall Reaction: We were excited about receiving this , my husband had fond memories of Meccano and looked forward to spending time with the children playing with it .The children very quickly got bored of it and the instructions seemed to be hard to follow , my 5 year old struggled with it and gave up quickly . My 8 year old niece played a little longer but quickly decided it was easier just to build them the way she wanted to. I still think this is a good product and it’s great to see something different than dolls and pets for girls but I think the child would have to be good with their hands and interested in building to make it worth the money. 

By Laura 

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