Friday, 11 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - be.ez La Robe ipad case

Product: be.ez La robe ipad case- I Lov Paris design (

Price: around £25 (also available for Macbooks, prices around £30)

Available from: Amazon

Initial Reaction: This is a lovely mid-price range ipad cover.  I searched online for covers before Christmas and was disappointed with what was on offer.  However, this is a vibrant, contemporary design by Mathieu Riviere, an illustrator who has worked on Danish toy design and Parisienne luggage design. Available in 3 different designs of stylish Paris scenes.
Made from low-resilience polyurethane, a material which withstands impact and slowly returns to its original shape (it feels like very firm memory foam).

Pros: Very stylish design, which will stand out from the crowd.  The protection of the LRPu performed well, especially when you consider I have a typical bottomless pit of a ‘mummy bag’.  It withstood being bumped and bashed around in my bag, although I suspect it would be better still in a briefcase or satchel type bag.

Cons: Unlike some other ipad cases, it doesn’t open out to create a stand.  It is just a zipped, removable protective case.  Because it has a fabric type finish, I don’t know how well it will deal with dirty marks etc.

Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction: I loved the style of this case, I felt very chic! It is much more imaginative than some of the boring plain black cases around. Available in 3 different colours/designs.

By Liz 

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