Monday, 14 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - Shloer

Price: £1.99 per bottle

Buy from: all major supermarkets

Suitable for: all the family

AboutAll Shloer flavours contain no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. All flavours are suitable for vegetarians and are best served chilled.

Initial reaction: I was curious to try it, because my nieces love it and I had no clue what it tasted like.

  • suitable for all the family
  •  no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours
  •  tasty and refreshing

  • quite sweet
  •  bit too fizzy when you drink a lot of it

 Value for money: fair price for a completely natural product

 Overall reaction : I've come across Shloer on a couple of occassions - usually when my nieces pretended it was wine while we adults enjoyed a glass of the real deal - but I have actually never tried it myself. Now that I am pregnant I am skipping the vino and just have a soft drink. The only down side is that soft drinks usually don't taste half as nice as a good glass of wine and look even worse – especially when everyone is having a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon while you are slurping on a glass of orange squash or coke. You can imagine I was more than delighted when I was asked to review Shloer for New Mummy's Tips and Mummy Alarm.

I started my test run last night and I have to admit that both bottles I tested are completely empty now. I had help from my better half, though, as we enjoyed it with a lovely dinner that Ben had cooked for us: Chicken Breast Filets filled with thyme and onions with garlic sauteed potatoes, fried asparagus and creamy mushrooms. The first bottle we opened was the one with the white grape flavour and although my personal Masterchef found that it wasn't really flavoursome I thought that it tasted really fruity. With a bit of imagination I could even see myself joining my nieces' “No, that's real wine” club. While I stuck mostly to the bottle with white grape flavour, Ben enjoyed the Apple/White Grape one, which I found a bit sweet and overpowering. Funny enough he really liked the strong apple flavour – quite a surprise as he he normally hates apples.

Altogether, I found Shloer a really tasty alternative to alcoholic drinks and I am sure I'll buy it more regularly now – it's refreshing, fruity, I'm curious to find out about other flavours and for my nieces it is much better than the “real deal”.

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