Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - Dr Organics Rose Otto Skin Care

Product: Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Lotion, Bath Oil and Face Mask

Price: £6.99; £8.99; £6.99

Available from: Holland and Barrett

Initial Reaction: I hadn’t heard of Dr Organic before I received these products to review. The packaging looks luxurious, although the logo looks a little clinical. All three products have an impressive list of natural ingredients.

Pros: The face mask was my favourite of the three products. It’s a clay mask that dries solid when you apply it. Personally, I really like that in a face mask: it felt like it was actually doing something and once it was dry I could see tiny patches of oil that had been absorbed from the pores on my nose.

All the products had the same distinct rose scent. I applied the skin lotion to my legs in the morning and kept catching the scent through the day, which surprised me.
The bath oil claims to have “exceptional stress relieving and energising properties”. I didn’t find it energising (perhaps partly because I tried it in the evening) but I definitely found it very relaxing. The rose scent lingered while I was in the bath and my skin was lovely and soft afterwards.

Cons: Admittedly, rose isn’t a scent I’d usually choose, but Dr Organic have a wide variety in their range; the pomegranate sounds a bit more zingy and youthful.

The face mask claims to do a lot. It made my skin feel clean and fresh, but I’m not convinced by “stimulating circulation deep into the capillaries” – but then I’m a natural sceptic about these things!

The skin lotion was a little bit greasy for my taste as I usually use thicker body butter.

Value for money? In my opinion these products are good value for money. 125 ml of face mask or 200 ml of skin lotion doesn’t sound a lot on paper, but actually these are substantial tubes that will last a long time. For ingredients that are organic and sustainably sourced, the price is pretty impressive.

Overall Reaction: One of the things I really liked about these products is that they use ‘bioactive’ ingredients. This means that the different oils and extracts in there can actually do something to your skin (unlike some products where ingredients are listed on the label, but their chemical form means that they aren’t ‘active’ in the product). They also have good ethical credentials, which is important to me. I was impressed with the quality of these products, especially with the lingering scent. I’d be happy to give or receive these as a gift (although for Valentine ’s Day, I’d like them accompanied by a real red rose!).

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