Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - Heavenly Cakes New Gluten Free Range

Product: Heavenly Cakes (New Gluten Free range)

Price: 6 individually wrapped bars @ £8.40 = £1.40 each; Family Pack 12 portions = £14.00; Gift Pack 6 portions = £7.50

Available from:

Suitable from:  Age 2 and up (doesn’t state it anywhere but I would think over 2’s could handle it)

Initial Reaction: The bars are a very generous size and have an excellent taste. They are a bit rich but would be perfect for slicing up at a party or coffee morning.

  • Individually wrapped bars are convenient for taking out and about which is essential for those on a gluten-free diet.
  • Quite a few flavours which leave you spoiled for choice! I enjoyed: Belgian Chocolate Brownie, Millionaire Shortbread, Tiffin, Rocky Road and Marathon Flapjacks

  • The bars are quite rich. You’d never guess that they are gluten-free but they are a bit much for one go. 
  • The website appears to be the only place to order Heavenly Cakes from and the ordering process on the website isn’t very straightforward. I would like to know what locations stock Heavenly Cakes when out and about.

Value for money? I’m not sure what they would retail for over-the-counter as I’m sure each retailer would be different but, just ordering off the website, 6 bars for £1.40 each is a very reasonable price.

Overall Reaction: I did really enjoy Heavenly Cakes gluten-free range. It’s refreshing to find such indulgent snacks which are gluten-free. I would love to see more retailers carrying Heavenly Cakes as the individual packaging and price point would make them quite attractive. I have been carrying around a few in my bag for the last week or so. It is difficult to find a gluten-free snack in a cafe so it’s nice to be able to (secretly) tuck into my own bit of indulgence. I will pass on their information to one of my favourite local cafes.

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  1. These look great. My hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth unlike me but I think these would be nice for a wee treat. I find it hard when it's one of the family's birthday and everyone had cake except him. Great review. x


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