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Parent Panel Review - Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Digital Movement and Sound Monitor

About: Using DECT interference free technology, the monitor relays every sound and movement made by the baby to the parent unit, and also looks ultra-modern too, bringing mobile phone styling to monitoring. Easy to set up and operate, the monitor uses a highly sensitive sensor pad which fits under baby’s cot mattress and is then connected via a cord to the unit in the baby’s room where a back-lit night light – adjustable with a remote control 
feature  – casts a warm glow.

If no movement is detected from the baby over a 20-second period, an alarm sounds to alert a parent. Once the baby has been checked on, the alarm can be reset. The closer to nature Digital Movement & Sound Monitor has a long-distance range of 300 metres and an out of range indicator.

Price: £99,99  with sensor pad/ £64.99 without. 

Available from: Most baby equipment retailers

Suitable From: . Birth upwards

Score out of 5:  4 out of 5 with the pad, 5 out of 5 though for the monitors for sound only. 

Initial Reaction: Initially I was quite daunted but all the bits and pieces as I took them out the box. Setting it up I felt a bit of a novice as it felt quite complicated. 

Pros: No interference from the monitors. The design is so cute and looks fab in your house. The thermometer is a great feature and gives you piece of mind. It incorporates so many gadgets in one so keeps the nursery neat and means you need less cables. 

Cons: The movement sensor isn't as simple as it sounds and if you have a heavy sleeper who doesn't move around much the alarm is a bit of a pain. The alarm is very loud in the nursery. The night light could be slightly brighter. 

Value for Money: Overall I think great value for money. 

Overall Reaction:  When we initially tried to set up this monitor with the movement sensor pad I was a little baffled. The pad is really for smaller babies than Caleb but we thought we'd give it a go with it. Unfortunately at his age and as he's quite a deep sleeper it went off a few times waking him up, but fortunately its very easy just to switch the pad off and unplug it for older children. As a baby monitor for sound this is genius. We absolutely love it. The display unit is neat, compact and very  funky in design. It really does have no interference at all and when your baby makes noise it is very clear. You can keep an eye on the nursery temperature easily with a very visible temperature reading on the parent unit and the night light in the nursery is super handy and meant we could take out Caleb's night light. The set up instructions were slightly hard to follow at first glance but after a good read helped me understand the unit a bit better. Overall we love this monitor and would recommend it to anyone.

By Julie 


  1. Hi,
    I was looking at getting one of these for our new arrival mainly for the two-way intercom, which the Angel Care unit doesn't have. The mat is really important to us as well, and we are concerned that the Tommee Tippee version might be inferior to the Angel Care mat.

    You mention that the mat gives false alarms with Caleb. I'm trying to establish if this is because of Caleb's size/age (how old is he, if you don't mind me asking?) or if it is an inherent problem with TT's mat, which the AngelCare doesn't have an issue with?

    Any thought would be appreciated.


  2. Hi there.

    Caleb is 2 which I think means the mat was very hard to judge. Hes an extremely sound sleeper and doesnt often move around in any way. Personally, I think that it would be fine for very new babies but as they get older thats when you may have problems.

    It's very easy to use and we find the two way monitor fantastic.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for answering my questions and for going to the trouble of putting up the review. All the best!


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