Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - Meccano Build and Play Tipper Truck

Product: Meccano Build and Play Tipper Truck

Price: RRP £24.00

Available from Toys R Us , Amazon 

DescriptionBuild your own tipper truck with flexible parts. Tip the skip to unload your cargo. Play with your model, and change it around to create new adventures. Builds 5 models. Tools included. Only one toy may be built at a time

Suitable from:  5 +

Initial Reaction: Mini couldn’t wait to get stuck in the Meccano, which is now flexible plastic rather than metal.

It is really child friendly with great colours and the parts are made of flexible plastic
With this set you can make five models ot just be creative.

It is a little tricky to be able to do all the making yourself when you are five, but it is great for imagination.  
Plus it would be nice to get a storage case with it or a bag to keep the spares in.

Value for money?  It is just a little too expensive for my liking, I would have like to see it come in at the under £20 mark.

Overall Reaction:  Mini and Maxi have both had great fun with this, making and creating and then taking it all apart to start again.  A traditional toy for boys that has stood the test of time, but also moved in to the now.

By Jen 

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