Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - Meccano Extreme Dragster

Product:  Meccano Extreme Dragster

Price: £19.99

Available fromTesco Direct, Amazon 

Description: Build your own dragster vehicle and send it racing away, with the Meccano Xtreme Dragster kit. Put together either a dragster car or a dune bike , using this easy to assemble Meccano construction set . The kit features 110 plastic and metal pieces , which are easy to put together, as they require no nuts to assemble. Once you've bulit your chosen vehicle, use its pull back and go action to send it racing away at high speed! Meccano Xtreme Dragster is perfect for developing construction skills for young boys.

Suitable from:  7 +

Initial Reaction: Maxi and Mad Dad took the dragster out of the packages and their first response was “wow there is a lot of small pieces”

Once you get it made is a great to have a car that is self propelled.

It is very hard to make, in the end MadDad had to do it, but he found it quite difficult and time consuming.  
Also the small connectors come off every time Maxi uses the car and it hits something.

Value for money?  It is in the right price range for a birthday present for an older child.

Overall Reaction:  We were very excited to receive this and even though it took a long time to put together, I would say it would be perfect for a child over the age of ten who is adept at construction.  

By Jen 

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