Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dettol's Mission for Health

Dettol’s Mission for Health launches today, their aim is to promote a healthier environment in the home, in the community and beyond.  They plan to do this with 3 key initiatives:-

  1. New Mum Programme – Helping support mums is that crucial first year
  2. Healthy Habits Lessons in Schools -   Developed for teachers, parents & kids to help your kids develop happy minds and strong bodies.
  3. Disaster Relief for Save the Children -   Supporting Save the Children’s ESLP (Eat, Sleep, Learn and Play) Programme

For every like on their Mission for Health Facebook Page, Dettol will donate 20p.

A few weeks ago I and some other great mummy bloggers were invited along to hear all about Dettol’s Mission for Health.

We met Dr Dawn Harper, of channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ fame, along with the BBC’s hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley and Prima Baby’s expert midwife Nikki Khan who are all supporting the campaign giving practical advice on how mums can improve hygiene at home especially for those mums expecting or bringing home a new baby, requiring them to be especially vigilant in the home.

It was a really interesting event, I realised I’m not so slap dash at cleanliness as I may attention where it is needed though there are some areas I could be better at.

Dr Lisa Ackerley did some rather scary experiments in the kitchen it was very CSI. With use of some special powder and torches we could see how easy it is to spread germs around, especially from raw meat and poultry.  Seriously people wash your hands after touching it.

She also swapped a few areas to look for signs of bacteria, the worse places where the handle of the fridge, the handle of the kettle and the high chair! Actually the high had one of the highest readings she had ever seen, though I must point out we don’t know if it’s good or bad bacteria.

Dr Lisa Ackerly has recorded a video with some great hygiene tips.

The main points I came away with from the day was:

  • Start hand washing with children as early as possible.
  • Practice good hand hygiene; wash hands regularly with an antibacterial hand wash and dry thoroughly
  • Don’t put you handbag on work surfaces.
  • After touching raw meat and poultry wash your hands properly and sanitise the area.
  • If you dishcloths make sure it’s on a hot wash or you won’t kill the bacteria.
  • Give the fridge and kettle a good wipe down once in a while!

The Mission for Health isn’t about Dettol telling you to be uber clean and tidy or making sure your house is sterile but about making sure we get the basics right for our families’ health.

Don’t forget for every Like on their facebook page 20p goes to Save the Children!

They are also giving away 5000 Dettol Baby Packs

Disclaimer -  Dettol covered travel expenses, arranged for press tickets for the Baby Show and gave me a goody bag with samples. 

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