Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Toddler Group Reviews - Wilkinson Biscuits

Product: Wilkinson Biscuits – Custard Creams, Chocolate Digestives and Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuits

Price: 52p, 78p and 78p

Available from: Wilkinson

Initial Reaction: Its coffee time (Parents) Its Biscuit time (kids)


  • Taste nice
  • Not too crumbly
  • Good layer of chocolate
  • Dunk well


Like all biscuits still high in sugar and sat fat

Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction:  Both the children and mums liked the biscuits. They were of the same quality of any own brand biscuits. Afterwards I found out that the group leader buys the Wilkinson biscuits for the group anyway! 

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