Thursday, 17 March 2011

New Episodes of Mickey Mouse Playhouse – Minnie’s Bow–Tique

You know when your daughter watches too much TV when she can tell you what’s coming next in an episode. That’s why I am rather glad there are new episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse being aired on Playhouse Disney.

This month is Minnie Month on Playhouse Disney and there are new episodes dedicated to Minnie who happens to be BG’s second favourite character! Goofy is her first, though she does get a little excited when Toodles comes on.

To make BG’s week she was sent a preview copy of this Saturday’s new episode Minnie’s Bow-Tique were Minnie opens a bow shop with help from her friends. Plus some lovely Minnie Mouse goodies.

What I like about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is that your child learns as they watch it. We sit and watch it together and talk about what is happening and BG answers when they ask a question. In this episode she learnt about counting, colours and problem solving.

We really enjoyed this episode.

I have a sneak peak for you to see!!

You can find clips of all the Playhouse Disney shows on their YouTube page.

This episode airs Saturday 19th March at 9.00am on Playhouse Disney.

I recommend you visit the Playhouse Disney site as there is a Minnie Mouse giveaway at the moment plus there are loads of things for kids to do on there.

And if that isn’t enough you can also find them on Facebook!

I want to say thank you to Disney for the chance to see the episode first and for BG’s goodies, Minnie Mouse has not left her side!!

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  1. Playhouse disney seems to be the best of the kids tv channels - no tv ads really helps


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