Thursday, 17 March 2011

Parent panel Review - Collins Big Cat Book Collection

Price: £3 - £5 per book
Available from:, The Book People, Amazon, Tesco Direct, etc
Suitable from: Ages 3-11yrs.
Initial Reaction:  Good quality books, well written with excellent photographs and illustrations
Pros: Great range of books covering a wide range of genres and 
subject areas.  It’s brilliant to have my girls so enthusiastic about 
non-fiction books.  The quality of the fiction books made it very 
easy to coax them away from their usual princess and fairy stories 
and they thoroughly enjoyed reading these books.
Cons: You’ll probably have the children nagging you to buy more of the Collection. 
Value for money? I’d look out for them on offer, well worth the cost even at full price.
Overall Reaction: I would wholeheartedly recommend any and all of the books in the Collin 
Big Cat Series.  My 10 year old was studying Walter Tull and took one of the books to school.  
Her teacher was really impressed with it and asked her to bring in the rest of the books we 
had received to review and showed all of the teachers in Key Stage 2 at their INSET staff 
meeting.  All agreed it was a great selection and the school are now keen to get some as I 
would not relinquish mine.
by Michelle

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