Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - The Bumblejums

Product: The Bumblejums – book and music CD
Price: Book £5.99, CD £6.99
Suitable for: Pre-schoolers/Early Years
Available from: Online  or you can download the songs from itunes
Initial Reaction: I loved the concept of this, an eco-friendly set of characters who teach their young readers about respect and responsibility to the natural world.  The characters were warm  and friendly, and had ‘toddler appeal’.  The songs were catchy, but at the same time quite soothing and melodic.
Pros: Great underlying messages, which are approached gently and suitably aimed for young children.  The story ‘Meet the Bumblejums’ is a great bedtime read, with a flowing rhyming story.  Clearly an introduction, I hope there will be more in the series to come.

We meet Jem who introduces the benefits of sunshine and solar power; Jon who is the head grower producing healthy fruit and vegetables for all the Bumblejums; Jay who is concerned with the air and the sky and Jo who takes care of the water keeping it clean and safe and ensuring it is not wasted.
Cons: We also looked at the website which was great for finding out more about the land of ‘Bally Bo’, but I felt the website was aimed more at older children.  There was a lot of educational text, and not as much interaction/games as my daughter would have liked.  I think for younger children, they would find exploring and learning through games more engaging.

Value for money? Yes
Overall Reaction: A great concept, I love the idea of introducing eco-conscious characters to pre-schoolers.  I hope to see this brand develop and the story to evolve.

By Liz

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  1. we loved this too, haven't got the songs out of my head for the last 3 days though!


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