Friday, 11 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Cleebo baby nasal tweezers

Product:  Cleebo “Cleebo is the best way to clear nasal congestion in children, in a safe, hygienic and easy-to-use product.”  Confirmed by 80% of the 23 independent medical professionals surveyed.
Price:  £5.99 
Suitable from:  Birth
Initial Reaction: What a fantastic idea.  They arrived in the middle of a rather crusty cold so I was able to get to work straight away. 
Pros:  They are a great design, brightly coloured and sturdy, they contain 10 removable / interchangeable colourful silicone tweezer ends on ABS plastic tweezers. The ends cannot be inserted too far into the nose and can either be disposed of or sterilised.  The case keeps all the parts together neatly.
Cons:  I found them incredibly difficult to use.  A combination of my lack of dexterity and my wriggling and very ticklish toddler, I only achieved one successful excavation before he realised what I was up to and made sure that the tweezers never went near his nose again.  He preferred to play with them. 
Value for money? If I had been able to get to grips with them, I’d have said yes.  As it stands, sadly, no.
Overall Reaction: I believe that these are easier to use with a small baby who is not prone to excessive movement.  They did not work for me, but I will be passing them onto my bed-ridden Grandmothers carers, to see if they can be of some use to her.
by Catherine

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