Friday, 11 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Jelly Kitten Elephant Toy Hoopy Loopy

Product: Jelly Kitten Elephant Toy Hoopy Loopy

Price: £11.99

Available from: Find Me A  

Suitable from: 0 +

Initial Reaction: I love Jelly Cat/Kitten stuff so was looking forward to receiving this for my daughter to play with, it’s a lot bigger than I’d expected for something I would attach to a pushchair.


  • Good quality
  • Bright and colourful, unisex colours means it’s perfect for boys or girls.
  • Suitable from birth so would make a great newborn gift.
  • Has a strap so you can attach to things (eg cot, pushchair etc)
  • The toy has everything you would expect to keep a little one (or 3 year old) entertained with plastic hoops on its trunk and legs, crinkly ears and a jingly rattle in his belly!
  • It is a lot bigger than I had expected and for me a bit too big as a car seat/pushchair toy but is great for hanging in the cot or for them to play with when at home.

Value for money? You get a lot of toy for your money, I think you might get a bit more use out of a smaller one that doesn’t take up so much space in the car seat or pushchair but still as a newborn gift it is great.

Overall Reaction: I really love how bright and bold this toy is, the jingly rattle and crinkly ears are perfect for keeping your little one entertained. It is good quality and cute and I can see it making a great friend for any child. The size of it is my only problem as it really did take over the car seat/pushchair when I tried to hang it off of it. It is however ideal as a cot toy and the unisex colours make it great for either a boy or girl.

by Ellie 

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