Thursday, 24 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Cygnett Cargo iPad car mount

Price:     Approx £30                                                          
Available from:   Amazon; and various other retailers                   
Suitable from:    N/A 
Initial Reaction:  I was looking forward to using this to play films on in the car for our toddler on long journeys.

  • Attaches quite easily.
  • Once attached, you can leave the holder in place and just release the iPad - saves fiddling around each journey.
  • Tilt and rotate features.                                         

  •  Only woks in cars with metal supports at the base of the headrest.                                       
  • For children in car seats, it's only suitable for watching movies on - ie it's held too far away to reach, so games can't be played/screen can't be touched.

Value for money? Fair                      
Overall Reaction:  I found this quite hard to give a fair review for.  The product 'works' insomuch as it 'does what it says on the tin', but it wasn't really suitable for our family's needs.

I can't watch films/play games / read or even text in a moving car as I get motion sickness.  It should have been a good alternative to buying an in-car DVD player, however, have you ever tried downloading a movie from iTunes for the iPad? It takes hours and hours and hours.  Not the fault of this product, but it does mean it doesn't get as much use as perhaps it could.  Difficult for me to score, as the product itself is fine, just not for us.

by Liz

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