Monday, 14 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - E - Cloth

Product:  e-cloth - General purpose cloth
Price: £4.99 per cloth. £17.49 for starter pack (4 general purpose cloths plus 1 glass & polishing cloth)
Available from:  All major supermarkets, department stores, DIY and gardening centres and online from

Initial Reaction: nicely packaged and in a pleasant green. I was slightly dubious of the claims that only water would be needed to clean any hard surface.

·         Used with water the e-cloth breaks up dirt particles and locks them into the cloth
·         No need for cleaning products
·         Cleans all hard surfaces
·         Will remove thick grease with water alone
·         Removes over 99% of bacteria including e coli and listeria
·         Comes in 3 colours: blue, green and lilac
·         Can be washed 900 times

Cons: none yet

Value for money?

Initially may seem expensive but I haven't used a kitchen or bathroom cleaner since having this cloth! So overall great value.

Overall Reaction:

A brilliant cloth and to date  I haven't found  something it wont clean yet, worktops, stainless, bathroom even windows. I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to find this cloth. Yes it might need a little elbow grease than we are used to with spray cleaners but surely for most of us this can't be a bad thing? 

By Howard 

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