Monday, 14 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Nakd ‘nudie’ Bars

Product:  Nakd ‘nudie’ Bars - 3 new flavours:
                      Berry Delight
                      Cocoa Delight
                      Cocoa Mint
Price: £13.99 for box of 18 bars

Initial Reaction:  They are well packaged but once opened do look like a bar of puréed fruit!
Berry Delight: - doesn’t look too appealing and suffers from pips but very tasty.
Cocoa Delight –  I found it to have a slightly bitter cocoa after taste
Cocoa Mint – An odd taste combination with the texture of fruit


Raw fruits, nuts and spices
100% natural ingredients
No added sugars or syrups
1 of your 5 a day
What, dairy and gluten free
7 different flavours

Bitter after taste
Odd flavours

Value for money? At around 80p a bar its no more expensive than average bar of chocolate

Overall Reaction:
They are great idea to get the goodness of fruit and get one of the 5 day without the hassle of carrying of fruit around.  Think they are also a great idea if you suffer from intolerances and can’t eat other cereal or breakfast bars. Overall a great idea and would be interested in trying the other flavours.
By Howard 

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