Sunday, 20 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Jungle Speed Game

Product:  Jungle Speed Game
Price:   £12 - £15 
Available from:,, and of course eBay
Suitable from:  They say 7yo and older but my 4yo found it easy to play.
Initial Reaction:  It was refreshing to see that there was 
minimal packaging and that the  game pieces are well made, 
sturdy  and the perfect size for kids hands.
The game is a lot of fun, its quick to get the hang of and play.  
You can vary the rules so that even those that get bored easily 
are satisfied and it holds their interest.  All of the game pieces fit in the sturdy drawstring bag 
provided so it is easily transportable.
It does get quite fast and furious at times so perhaps make sure nails are trimmed before 
older children play. Some of the cards look very similar but have subtle differences, during a 
quick game these can easily be mistaken for being the same.
Value for money? Absolutely, worth every penny.
Overall Reaction: A wide variety of ages can play the game all at once which is great for 
families like ours who have a more than a few years gap between the oldest and youngest 
members, add in a visiting Grandpa who is 82 and there’s an interesting demographic to 
My daughters thoroughly enjoyed playing the game both with, and without, adult 
involvement.  The rules are really straight forward and there are consequences for cheating t
hat make it much less attractive for those prone to sneakiness.
I totally recommend the game as entertainment for the whole family, both adults and 
children.  My youngest daughter who is 4 thoroughly enjoyed playing it and had no problem 
at all grasping the rules of the game.  We had a great time playing the game and played it 
often during the half term holiday and it’s become the go-to game of choice when boredom 

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