Saturday, 12 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Wilkinson Anti-bacterial Surface Wipes

Product: Anti-bacterial Surface Wipes
Price: 80p for 30 wipes
Available from: Wilkinson’s

Initial Reaction: I was already familiar with this product when asked to review it.  I had purchased these many times before from Wilkinson’s, finding they performed as well as the leading brand, but at a lower cost.  As my daughter is not a baby, I’m less fastidious now about wiping surfaces – she’s not crawling up the furniture or eating from highchairs any more.  However, they are still very handy to have in your bag when you’re out and about. Our local soft-play centre being a case-in-point.  It is most satisfying to wipe over the dining table, and hold out the almost black filthy wipe at arm’s length and hand it to the waiting staff with a disdainful “do you have a bin?”  They usually get the message!

Pros: Great value. Good sized wipe, durable and strong.  Anti-bacterial protection for up to 4 hours, killing E.Coli, Salmonella, E. faecalis and S. aureus.

Cons: Can’t really thing of any cons, except maybe that the packaging does look a bit ‘budget’.

Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction: Happy to recommend.
By Liz 

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