Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Who is John Crane?

Well to start with John Crane is my sponsor for this year’s Cybermummy and I am very proud to be representing them!

So who is John Crane? I better let them introduce themselves –

Operating from our modern Head Office and Distribution Centre in Northampton, for over two decades here at John Crane Ltd we have been selecting toys for distribution throughout the UK, based on our stringent criteria of high quality, value for money, innovation and safety - with design flair.

Toys are a vitally important element of any childhood, stimulating both physical skills and helping to develop creative imaginations. We hope that we have helped children create their own magical wooden wonderland and at the same time begin to understand the natural, environmentally friendly appeal of wooden toys

John Crane Ltd have just launched their new collection Tildo. The very best of the John Crane own brand has been transformed into the new Tidlo Collection, plus some stunning new toys too.

We are big fans of wooden toys and John Crane in this house. I thought what better way to introduce you to the new Tildo collection than to show you my top 5 favourite toys.

Perfect for any budding cook. You can't beat a wooden kitchen, we bought BG a plastic one for her birthday and I regret not paying the extra and getting a wooden one. It will last for years!

This would make a great first birthday present. 

Don't you wish you were small enough to ride them?

BG would love, love, love this! Her Grandad is a farmer and she loves animals. 

You can beat wooden blocks!

What's your favourite toy from the Tildo Collection? 

There is a competition over at the John Crane blog to win a Red Scooter, why not pop over and enter?

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