Thursday, 28 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Aldo Zilli Baby Food

Product: Aldo Zilli Baby Food                       
Price:    89p/sachet                                        
Available from:   Waitrose, Tesco, Budgens, Amazon, Wholefoods Market, Ocado, Prezzo, Real Foods
Suitable from: 4 months                                            
Initial Reaction:Lovely brightly coloured pouches and a good size.      
  • NO preservatives   
  • NO artificial additives   
  • NO E numbers  
  • NO GM  
  • NO egg or dairy
  • NO  added salt or sugar   
  • NO bulking agents    Just 100%  NATURAL GOODNESS!                                                   

Cons:The 6 month stage is still very pureed.     
Value for money?Good – there’s a lot in a sachet.
Overall Reaction:  I like the fact that everything is natural in these baby foods, so even if you normally make your own food, using these is a great alternative when you’re short on time or out and about. They don’t have to be refrigerated, so you can just pop one in your bag.

I didn’t think that Brandon would like the fruit and veg puree, but he absolutely loved it. The Fishy Dishy had a very strong smell and flavour (yes I tried a bit), and it was quite nice. 
All of the samples we were sent went down very well, but there isn’t a lot of difference in the texture between 4month and 6month sachets.  

I would have preferred it to be just a little bit chunkier for the second stage.

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