Friday, 8 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Bumgenius V4

Product: Bumgenius V4
Price: £14.99
Available from:
Suitable from: Birth to Potty

Initial Reaction: The nappy as a bit plain but I knew the brand (we use their flip nappy as our mainstay nappy) so felt trusting.

Pros: The previous make of this nappy didn’t have the options for poppers and this is a great addition especially if you are now into toddlerdom.

We tested the Velcro and popper fastening and I did tend to favour the poppers, they seemed more suitable for Fizz yet the velcro did us great at night time. The nappy in both styles is very absorbent for our 15 month old at night and we changed it every 3 hours in the day and even with this gap the wetness was still being held away from her skin andwe had no nappy rash issue whilst this nappy was being worn.

The nappy washed well on a 30 degree wash with a little or no detergent and drops of tea tree oil to scent and disinfect. After 4 uses each they are still unstained and the eleastic hasn’t given at all so they are still as new.

Cons: The Velcro fastening was easy for a toddler to undo and wriggle out of. Also if you forget to fasten the Velcro together before washing the nappy can attach to other items in the washing machine and this can wear the Velcro a bit.

Value for money? Bum Genius as a brand are generally more expensive but I do believe that they are a quality brand and that the popper style V4 would see you through from birth to potty saving you heaps of money

Overall Reaction:  A great reliable brand but please go for the popper option if you want them to last until potty training 

For the popper fasting 

For the Velcro fasting 

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