Friday, 8 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Dalmation Reusable Nappy from Baba + Boo

Product: Dalmation Nappy
Price: £7.50
Available from:
Suitable from: Birth to Potty

Initial Reaction: The nappy was extremely funky and very very soft.

Pros: It is soft, absorbent ( we used tested this as an overnight nappy too and it did very very well!) but obviously it looked gorgeous too. My red headed Fizz looked a bit like Bam Bam from the flintstones walking around in this nappy. The nappy washed really well too with just a tiny bit of detergent and some tea tree oil to scent and disinfect. It was easy to put together but the entrance into the nappy for the boosters to go into were a bit fiddlier but this could be as I am used to a different style.

Cons: When Fizz had a poo it did go everywhere but this saying that adjustments can be made for the nappy to be a tighter fit.

Value for money? I think this is a great price for a funky but practical nappy. Hopefully this price will encourage more people to go cloth bum baby. It is half the price of some of the leading brands but with all the advantages too.

Overall Reaction:  A lovely funky nappy perfect for a funky baby!

By Chelle 

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