Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun for the DS

Product: Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun for the DS
Price: from £17.91
Available from: Play.com, Amazon, Asda 
Suitable from:  3 years

Initial Reaction:  Very excited child couldn’t wait to get the DS out and play the game

  • Instantly recognisable Peppa and family can’t fail but make you smile and children love it
  • Fun theme tune recognisable from the TV programme
  • Simple navigation – “touch” and “slide” with the stylus so those familiar (and not so familiar) with the DS will pick up easily
  • Reinforces daily routines to children starting with brushing teeth, washing face, preparing picnic (introduces concept of a healthy balanced diet). Promotes lots of discussion with child, particularly about sandwich/food choices.
  • Lots of educational opportunities for young children in the games – alphabet, colour recognition, counting, spot the difference, balancing (too big/small on see-saw), matching.
  • One game introduces simple concepts of music and sound making
  • Some games can be completed against the clock developing their awareness of passing time.
  • Develops concentration, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, cause and effect in a fun and simple way
  • You earn tokens as you go along that you can spend in the shop introducing children about the value of things. Buying certain things adds to the game play in some of the games.

  • Really hard to think of anything, it is a great game for the age group. Even I found myself playing it when he wasn’t looking!

Value for money? Excellent

Overall Reaction:  Fantastic game for a Peppa Pig fan. Would be a lovely way to prepare children for a trip to the real-life Peppa theme park or if they were very excited about the prospect! My 4yo picked the games up fairly quickly on his own, or with just a little help from me, encouraging his independence and confidence in his abilities.

By Louise 

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