Friday, 15 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Snoozeshade

Product: Snoozeshade
Price: £19.99
Available from: Snoozeshade
Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction: I had seen a lot of press and reviews about the snoozeshade and was looking forward to seeing for myself how well it worked.


The snoozeshade comes in a handy bag so it can be folded up and stored when not in use, it also folds up really small so it is perfect for keeping in your changing bag. With a newborn I was eager to see exactly how well it worked and I wasn’t disappointed, the best example is on a trip into town my daughter was crying so I put the snoozeshade over her and almost instantly she stopped crying. A trip to a local adventure park on a very sunny day was also great with her sleeping for four hours in the bright sun.

What I also love about this is the fact that it is UPF50+ so it means in the sunshine she is protected not only from the bright light but the harmful UV rays. It also acts as a barrier against the wind so perfect for our great British weather!

The Velcro strips ensure it is secure and although I was using the pram version it did fit over the car seat, although I couldn’t Velcro all the straps to the pushchair it still worked fine (a new car seat version will be available soon).

This is a great alternative to draping a blanket over the pushchair and as it is breathable a safer option too. It also has a handy zip on the front so you can peek in at baby whilst they are sleeping.



Value for money? Most definitely, it is compact and for us it does what it says on the tin.

Overall Reaction: Compared to the alternatives out there (which I have tried) this offers a compact and safe solution to the age old problem of bright lights, sunshine, wind and a sleepy baby. I feel safe in the knowledge my daughter is sleeping under this and is protected from the elements. It’s definitely a must have for all mums and dads and perfect for taking on holiday and for trips out with a sleeping baby.

By Ellie 

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