Friday, 15 April 2011

Tried & Tested Alternative Easter Gifts for Adults

Product: Gumigem Teething Necklace                  
Price: £12.50                                     
Available from:                                   
Suitable from:  Birth                      
Initial Reaction: Larger than I thought it would be. Loved the little bag it came in.      
  • Just the right size for little baby hands to hold on to.                                                    
  • Lovely & Soft                                                      
  • Nice length                                                      
  • Lots of choice of colours
  • Could teach baby that it’s ok to bite on any necklace                                      
Value for money? Good                              

Overall Reaction: I’ve always worn a necklace, not even taking it off at bedtime, but when Brandon decided to start pulling on it I had to take it off. My neck has felt bare since, so when I was asked to review this item I was so pleased. I was even happier when I saw the choices of pretty necklaces to choose from. It took me ages to pick one. I loved them all.

The Gumigem is fortunately very resilient, as B had a whale of a time pulling on it and it didn’t break. I had a little bite of the necklace, just for review purposes obviously and it’s quite nice to bite lol (will have to keep it out of my mouth). It’s lovely and soft to chew on. However, B hasn’t really bitten on it, he just seems content to hold onto it when I’m feeding him. The heart shape is the perfect shape for his little hand to hold.

Overall  I absolutely love this necklace and would wear it whether I had a baby or not.   

Price: £1 per sachet, £3-4 a bottle
Available from: Amazon, Superdrug
Initial Reaction: Can I eat them ?

Pros: Smell lovely, different ranges for different skin types, not tested on animals and bottles can be recycled. Leave skin feeling lovely and wash off really well.

Cons: They facemask looks like melted chocolate - the facemasks smell like chocolate. Every time I put one on I want chocolate.

Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction: I had not used a facemask in years and had forgotten how lovely these could be and these ones were great. They felt great going on and I loved the tingling sensation as they drew out the impurities. Afterwards my skin felt amazing and I actually thought it helped in my constant battle against bad skin. I have been using them at least once- twice a week and will by buying more when my supply is done. 
By Laura 

Product:  Miffy Ladies Drama Queen PJ’s

Price:  £28
Available from:  Next
Suitable from: Sizes 8 - 16

Initial Reaction:  They looked great and very comfy  

  • Comfy to wear
  • Nice Design
  • Wash well

  • Only go up to size 16
Value for money?  Personally a bit on the expensive side for me

Overall Reaction:  I love PJ’s I have a huge collection which I realise it quite sad. These were comfy to wear and washed really well.  

By Carol 

Product: Lavender Scented Tin Candle
Price: £8.65

Initial Reaction: The smell was lovely and the tin looks really chic.

No dripping candles! The tin means that everything is encompassed so no need for a candle holder. The scent lasts throughout the whole candle too and isn't overpowering.
Cons:  The Tin can get a little warm

Value for money? Good value for something that could make a perfect all in one gift.
Overall Reaction:  Great gift idea especially thoughs that love scent and relaxing baths. In my mind these would be a perfect gift to put in a  hamper for a new mummy.

By Chelle 

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