Friday, 22 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - VacuVin PopSome Candy & Nut Dispenser

Price: from £6.29
Available from: Barnitts, Amazon,   

Initial Reaction: Initially I was confused by this product! At first I thought it was supposed to be a snack bowl for my toddler, so he could eat without spilling, but it's not. Then I thought 'Great, I can pop it in my bag to carry his raisins for snacks whilst we're out and about'. But really it's too big for that job. So the only place for it is my kitchen to keep his snacks fresh in an airtight container, which to be honest, any tupperware can do. After some research I realised that it's main selling point is that it's so hygienic. It keeps snacks completely germ free because you just pour out the amount you want via the pull up top and your hands don't come into contact with the contents. Not really my biggest concern to be honest, even with all the germ paranoia these days. Since its only my family that will be using it and we're all going to be sharing germs anyway it really doesn't matter if we touch the contents! Although the way you can conveniently pour the contents out is quite good.


  • Keeps contents hygienic (if you're after that sort of thing!)
  • Contents can be quickly poured out into waiting hands!
  • Lid is nice and flexible, easy to get on and off
  • Contents stay fresh
  • It looks nice compared to normal tupperware boxes!

  • Price - I just don't think the germ free argument is a strong enough one to make me want this, rather than a cheaper box.
  • Size -  A good size for storing the whole bag of raisins etc at home, but not very portable

Value for money? Not really.

Overall Reaction: It appears this product is mainly being marketed as a hygienic dispensing device for parties and such like. I guess it might be a good product in that situation, but I'm afraid I don't hold many parties! And if I did I would probably have different types of finger snacks and a fairly large volume, so I would need more than one of these and the cost would be way too high!

As far as a storage container for the kitchen goes, it's pretty good. It looks nice and keeps contents fresh. I just wish it was a little bit smaller because then it would be perfect for carrying my child's snacks whilst out and about, and I would probably love it then....

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