Sunday, 10 April 2011

Review - English Quest

When I was given the opportunity to review a board game I was both interested and intrigued.

Having tended to favour board games only at Christmas time, when I asked family to gather round the table on a Saturday night for something quite out of the ordinary they too were keen participate and flex what they thought was their historical muscle.

Now, you should never judge a book (or a game) by its front cover (or box) but English Quest, I must say looks mightily impressive and boasts a regal red and gold colour scheme that encourages you to want to learn about England and its heritage through this very game.

The basic premise of English Quest is to gain the letters “Q U E S T” by travelling around the map of the UK.  Each player starts at a UK airport and moves around a map of the UK – answering questions – on history, land and nature, culture or a modern question.

The questions are pitched just right and are multiple choice, so even if - like me - you have an interest in history but have forgotten a lot of vital detail, somewhere in the memory bank you can work out the answer. 

And if you’re not a history buff it’s a great game that is entertaining and allows players to learn as they travel the map of the UK with their gold sovereigns that can either be won or lost.

If you’re looking for a night with a difference then I would recommend English Quest as an interesting and informative game to play with friends and family.  Add a few nibbles along the way and some good wine and it makes for a great (and cost effective) night in.

Currently available at an introductory price of  £24.95

By Jenny 

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